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Overview: The Heritage of Life Sciences Products

HLS Therapeutics is about maintaining the heritage of life science products. We are dedicated to introducing novel therapies and keeping trusted branded drugs on the market. HLS provides access to medications critical to Health Care Providers, patients and their caregivers with the high-quality brand names they trust.

Who We Are

HLS Therapeutics Inc. (TSXV: HLS) is a specialty pharmaceutical company acquiring and distributing commercial stage or established, branded pharmaceutical drugs for the North American markets. Our management team is comprised of seasoned pharmaceutical executives with a strong track record of success. Building on the expertise of our founders, HLS is focused on treatment products for the central nervous system, and cardiovascular specialties in Canada.

HLS Therapeutics focuses on the North American market and has operational locations in Toronto (Etobicoke, Ontario), Montreal (Dorval, Quebec) and Philadelphia (Rosemont, Pennsylvania).  We source our products from the drug’s originator or from best-in-class manufacturing partners, ensuring our brands are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and in compliance with FDA and Health Canada’s regulations.

Our Goal/Our Mission

HLS is dedicated to the stewardship of branded pharmaceuticals through their life cycle during and post exclusivity, providing access to treatments critical to Health Care Providers, patients and their caregivers with the brand names they trust.

Brand names you know. Safe and effective results you trust.